I look forward to continuing to write my own story through new opportunities. Connect with me if you’re interested in continuing the conversation about sports, streaming, broadcast or emerging technology.

Some of the highlights from my career thus far include:

NBA Optimal Telecast

  • First ever 9×16 Vertical Video live stream optimized for viewing in portrait mode on a mobile device
  • First ever 5G Smartphone game produced live with footage acquired solely by cell phones
  • Testing of unique camera angles for basketball coverage such as Skycam, Spidercam, Jita Jib, Digiboom, Rail Cam

Live Streaming

  • In-language (Spanish, Portuguese, German, French) streams produced using Kiswe Mobile remote commentary technology
  • NBA G League games on Facebook, Twitch and Dailymotion
  • WNBA games on Twitter
  • NBA and USAB games on Facebook and Twitch