Where have I been for the last few years? Innovating!

It’s been almost 3 years since my last post! Since my last post, I have received two promotions at the NBA, moved twice and experienced unparalleled happiness in my personal life.

My activity on the internet has waned, but my interest in the industry continues to grow at a furious pace. I continue to utilize Twitter and LinkedIn as great aggregation tools as well as the primary sources of information such as Sports Business Daily & The Athletic (which didn’t exist at the time of my last post!).

My experiences at work since my last post have taken me to places as far away as South Africa to serve as an Ops Manager for the second-ever NBA Africa Games and to Las Vegas, Nevada more times than I can count.

While my primary objectives at work have been the WNBA and G League, which have both continued to grow and flourish with new international and domestic (local and national) partners, I’ve helped to launch a new property (Jr. NBA Global Championship) and redefined the strategies for our existing properties.

I’ve spent a few weeks each summer in Las Vegas at the annual NBA Summer League as part of our Optimal Telecast Initiative. The experience has been nothing short of amazing as our team on-site has done some CRAZY things such as shot the first ever “vertical view” game, optimized for viewing on a mobile device in portrait mode (9×16). We’ve also experimented with producing a Smartphone Game utilizing the fast arriving 5G networks to provide a different perspective utilizing the emerging technology that will be widespread in the next few years.

This is just a few examples of the fun that I’ve had over the last few years. The sky is the limit, and we’re just starting to get to the good stuff. I can’t wait to see where the next year will take me.

Published by Barney Carleton

Senior Manager, Media Operations & Technology at the NBA. St. John's University BS '13, MBA '15

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