Where have I been for the last few years? Innovating!

It’s been almost 3 years since my last post! Since my last post, I have received two promotions at the NBA, moved twice and experienced unparalleled happiness in my personal life. My activity on the internet has waned, but my interest in the industry continues to grow at a furious pace. I continue to utilizeContinue reading “Where have I been for the last few years? Innovating!”

Working for Free in Sports

I’ve worked for free. I’ve received no financial compensation for thousands of hours of work amongst a number of organization that have collectively generated tens of billions of dollars during the length of their existence. Many organizations can afford to pay you, but why should they pay you when there are thousands clamoring for anContinue reading “Working for Free in Sports”

Working For Free in Sports

Darren Rovell’s tweet regarding entry level advice drew the ire of many in the industry for suggesting that students should work for no financial compensation and that billion dollar media outlets should be expecting free work.

#Sportsbiz Recap – September 11, 2016

A few excerpts from articles talking about the #Sportsbiz from the week of September 11, 2016